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Why do people love Mutti tomato products?

The Mutti company in Parma, Italy is committed to excellence. In fact, they take the quality of their Italian tomatoes so seriously that they give the Pomodorino d’Oro Quality Award (The Golden Tomato) to the farmers who produce the best-tasting tomatoes each year. This friendly competition amongst the 300 or so farmers who supply tomatoes to Mutti ensures that everyone is always striving to create Italian tomatoes with optimal sweetness, ripeness, and nutritional value.

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What are Mutti’s values?

Aside from providing their customers with the best tomato products, Mutti takes their environmental responsibility very seriously. They have integrated sustainable farming techniques into their century-old business in order to reduce water consumption and create a more efficient process.

How should I use Mutti tomato products?

The tomato is the heart of Italian cuisine. Only the best tomato products will help you make the most delicious Italian tomato sauce, pizza sauce, and soups. The possibilities of this essential ingredient to Italian cooking are endless. So the next time you go to make a robust tomato sauce or an authentic and flavorful pizza sauce, rely on Mutti’s Italian tomatoes.