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New Mexico Pinon Coffee

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What makes New Mexico Piñon Coffee different?

Well, the fact that it is made exclusively in New Mexico, of course! The Southwestern location of the state has a lot of influence on the flavor of the coffee and the way it is roasted. New Mexico Piñon Coffee uses the highest quality Arabica coffee beans to create both ground coffee and whole bean coffee. This rising coffee brand is one of the largest in New Mexico.

What does New Mexico Piñon Coffee taste like?

New Mexico Piñon Coffee prides itself on its rich, robust, and nutty flavor. Aside from the traditional blend, the brand also makes whole coffee beans and ground coffee influenced by Biscochito (a classic New Mexican cookie flavored with cinnamon and anise) and Mexican chocolate.

How is New Mexico Piñon Coffee made?

New Mexico Piñon Coffee is hand-roasted in small batches by master roasters who put the utmost care and attention to detail in their craft. New Mexico Piñon Coffee makes light, medium, and dark roasts.   

What types of New Mexico Piñon Coffee are there, and where can I buy them?

Supermarket Italy sells several types of the New Mexico brand’s coffee, including New Mexico Piñon Coffee Adobe MorningNew Mexico Piñon Coffee Mexican Spiced Chocolate, and New Mexico Piñon Coffee Traditional.