Partanna Whole Castelvetrano Green Olives, 5.5 lbs

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Castelvetrano Green Olives are buttery with a firm texture

These Italian green olives are great for charcuterie boards, salads, and more.

These table olives have a mild flavor that's perfect for snacking.

Partanna has produced premium extra virgin olive oil and Italian olives for over 100 years. Using the freshness of the ancestral land in Sicily, from soil to stem, Partanna delivers authentic Italian flavors through their culinary offerings.

Partanna Whole Castelvetrano Green Olives are mild and buttery with a meaty texture. Enjoy this bright green-colored olive variety in a salad dish with crumbled feta cheese and a zesty vinaigrette. Use them as an ingredient in briny pasta dishes. Pair these popular Italian olives with dry-cured meats and a selection of cheeses on your next charcuterie platter. Or even use them as cocktail olives for Martinis and other mixed drinks.

Looking for a present for someone who enjoys Mediterranean cuisine? Add these whole Castelvetrano olives to a gift basket along with a selection of other Italian foods.


Olives, Water, Salt, Ascorbic acid, Citric acid, Lactic acid


5.5 lb (2.5kg)


Product of Italy 

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