Sanniti Cerignola Mixed Olives in Oil, 1 lb

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These Mixed Olives are preserved in rich oil

Enjoy these black, green, and red Italian olives as part of a wide variety of Mediterranean recipes.

These marinated olives can be used as a substitute for highly prized "nocellara del Belice" castelvetrano olives.

Named after the town of Cerignola in Apulia (or Puglia), Italy, these mixed olives are marinated in extra virgin olive oil. These authentic Bella di Cerignola olives are of higher quality than what you'd find at most domestic grocery stores. The types of olive varieties included are a blend of black olives, green olives, and red olives.

With a rich, meaty, and slightly fruity flavor, these table olives can be enjoyed at room temperature on a charcuterie board. Pair with cured meats like mortadella and Calabrese salami. Best served with fresh herbs, cheese, and a bold bottle of red wine.

Green, Red, and Black Cerignola Olives 

Sunflower oil

1 lb.

Product of Italy

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