Wild Hibiscus Heart-Tee Herbal Tea - 20 Teabags (60g each)

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Heart-Tee Herbal Tea contains 100% Hibiscus Flowers

These hibiscus tea bags are a great source of antioxidants and are naturally caffeine-free.

Enjoy hot or iced, or use as an infuser for cocktails and syrups.

Each foil-sealed tea bag contains the health full benefits of 3 whole Wild Hibiscus Flowers cold dried using a unique process in Sydney, Australia. This process was developed to preserve the high antioxidant content. 100% pure, all natural Hibiscus tea. This pack of dried hibiscus flower tea even contains instructions for a fun test consumers can do at home to prove the high antioxidant content!

Each tea bag is sealed in foil to preserve the flavor and freshness. Heart-Tee hibiscus tea is always made from premium flowers.

Made from all-natural, 100% pure dried hibiscus flowers

20 Teabags

Product of Australia

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