Biolea Organic Olive Oil Nerantzio, 8.8oz

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This Greek Olive Oil is flavored with bitter oranges

A single variety of olive is stone-milled to make this authentic Greek oil.

Drizzle this oil over bread, salad, stews, and more.

Biolea Greek olive oil is produced on the Astrikas family-owned estates in Northwestern Crete. This area, called Kolymbari, is certified Protected Denomination of Origin (P.D.O.), meaning that the oil produced here is recognized by Greek law as being of premium quality.

Biolea Organic Olive Oil Nerantzio made from Koroneiki olives that are stone-milled with fresh bitter oranges, giving the resulting oil a vibrant, citrusy flavor. This high-quality oil is perfect for drizzling over toasted bread, salads, and savory stews. You can also enjoy Biolea olive oil on a charcuterie board with dry-cured meats and a selection of cheeses.


Olive Oil


8.8 oz (250mL)


Product of Crete, Greece


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