Sanniti Salcis Pecorino Cheese Aged in Olive Leaves, 1 Lb

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This authentic Pecorino Cheese is encased in Olive Leaves

This aged Italian cheese makes a great appetizer served with cured prosciutto, sea salt, and olive oil.

Enjoy this sheep's milk cheese on charcuterie boards, or use it as a grating cheese.

This Sanniti Pecorino Cheese has been aged in a layer of olive leaves, giving it a vibrant appearance when sliced. This hard cheese has a sharp and somewhat nutty flavor that pairs well with pasta and meat dishes. Try it on a cheese board with fresh fruit, crackers, and a glass of wine.

You can also use this pecorino as a substitute for similar types of cheese, including pecorino siciliano and pecorino romano cheeses. Instead of parmigiano reggiano, grate this pecorino cheese over your next slice of gourmet homemade pizza!

Pasteurized sheep milk, salt, rennet
Surface treatment: Preservatives E235 E202, olive leaves.

1 lb average

Product of Italy

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