Central Fiore Piccante Cheese Wheel, 7 lbs

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This Fiore Piccante is a spicy Pecorino Cheese

Add a tasty kick to pasta dishes and other recipes with this pecorino sardo from Sardinia.

This Italian cheese makes a delightfully bold addition to cheese platters and charcuterie boards.

Fiore cheese, also known as pecorino sardo, is a hard cheese from the island of Sardinia. This type of cheese made from sheep's milk is generally defined by its nutty, smoky flavor and granular texture. This particular Central fiore is infused with spicy peppers, adding a lovely heat and beautiful red-orange marbling.

You can grate this cheese over pasta, salad, and pizza in the same way you would parmigiano reggiano. You could also use it alongside pecorino romano and pecorino siciliano for a cacio e pepe with multiple layers of cheesy flavor. Or you could simply enjoy it on a cheese board with a cool bottle of wine.

7 lb.


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