Central Moliterno Truffle Cheese Wedge, 7 oz [Pack of 3]

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This hard Pecorino Cheese is infused with Black Truffles

This Italian cheese is best paired with a bold glass of wine.

Serve on a charcuterie board with cured meats, or grate over pasta dishes.

A type of pecorino sardo from Sardinia, Central Moliterno cheese has a hard texture and salty flavor. This sharp-tasting cheese made from sheep's milk is infused with black truffle, resulting in an intense, earthy specialty cheese that is best served with an equally bold red wine.

You can use this cheese along with pecorino romano for a robust take on traditional cacio e pepe. Or you can enjoy it on a gourmet cheese board with fresh fruit, crackers, and other types of cheese from Italy such as pecorino siciliano and parmigiano reggiano.

7 oz each, Pack of 3

Product of Italy

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