Khazana Smoked Basmati Rice, 2 Lbs

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This Basmati Rice is smoked for extra flavor

This long-grain variety of rice is enjoyed in India and Pakistan

Try cooking basmati rice recipes with curry, meats, seafood, and vegetables.

Khazana Smoked Basmati Rice is a delicious companion to meats, seafoods, and vegetarian recipes. A robust smoky note complements the naturally nutty flavor of this extra long-grain rice variety.

This Indian rice is also quick and easy to cook using a rice cooker, stovetop, or even microwave method. Simply rinse the rice, drain the rice to remove excess starch, and bring it to a boil however you prefer.

There are virtually endless recipes you can prepare with this basmati grain from India. Pair this aromatic rice with your favorite curry recipe. Enjoy it with grilled chicken, fish, or vegetables. Or even serve this white basmati rice with a fried or scrambled egg for a light yet nourishing snack.


Smoked Basmati Rice


2 Lbs


Product of India

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