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This Italian Rice Bundle includes four varieties of rice

With this assortment from Sanniti, you can make a wide range of Italian-style rice dishes.

From risotto to fried rice balls, this bundle will help you prepare all of your favorite Italian rice recipes.

Northern Italy is famous for its rice varieties, which you can sample with this special Sanniti bundle! Each of these four Italian rice types — black, red, ribe, and vialone nano — has a different absorption rate, grain size, and other characteristics. Make a super creamy risotto with vialone nano. Fry up golden arancini balls with ribe rice. Looking for a side dish? Cook up visually striking red or black rice for a uniquely nutty flavor. Add garlic and red pepper for an aromatic Italian rice dish that's easy to prepare.


  • Sanniti Black Rice, 17.6 oz
  • Sanniti Red Rice, 17.6 oz
  • Sanniti Ribe Arancini Rice, 35 oz
  • Sanniti Vialone Nano Rice, 35 oz


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