Sanniti Ribe Arancini Rice, 35 oz

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Enjoy Ribe Rice in a variety of Italian dishes

This type of rice is one of the best options available for soups and stews.

Use this grain to make delicious Italian rice balls such as arancini di riso.

Sanniti Ribe Rice is a highly versatile white rice grain. Its firm texture holds well during cooking, making it the preferred choice for soups and stews. Because it absorbs flavor so well, this type of rice can be made into a range of Italian recipes. Make arancini rice balls, rice pilaf, paella, and more!

For a healthy lunch that's easy to prepare ahead of time, add this ribe rice to a grain or rice bowl with fresh veggies and a drizzle of white wine vinaigrette. Or make a rice salad with a similar mix of ingredients. This rice also tastes great as a simple side dish for a Mediterranean meat or seafood recipe.

35.27 oz (1000g)

Product of Italy

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