Panealba Rosemary Croutons, 3.5 oz

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These Rosemary Croutons are made with olive oil

Pair these herb-infused bread cubes with a zesty salad or creamy soup recipe.

Try these rosemary croutons on a cheese board with fresh fruit and Italian cheeses.

From crusty croutons to delicate breadsticks, every Panealba creation is the reflection of their unwavering commitment to quality. They strive to capture the true essence of Italian baking, transporting you to the vibrant streets of Italy with each bite.

Panealba Rosemary Croutons are made with olive oil and fresh rosemary. They have a salty, herbal flavor with subtle peppery notes. These golden-brown Italian croutons have a crunchy texture that's perfect for charcuterie boards and salad dishes.

Enjoy these rosemary croutons on a platter with dry-cured meats, fresh fruit, Italian cheeses, and an extra virgin olive oil condiment. Try them as an appetizer with cream cheese and sun-dried tomatoes. Use these olive oil croutons to add a pleasant crunch to a fresh salad. Or simply have a few as a light snack.


Type “0” soft wheat flour, 12.9 % olive oil, palm oil, 2.2% rosemary, brewer’s yeast, salt, malted wheat flour. It may contain sesame seeds and soya.


3.5 oz (100g)


Product of Italy

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