Paneangeli Instant Yeast Mix for Pizza, 26g

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This Instant Yeast is made for Italian-style pizza

Use this pizza yeast to make a quick-rise pizza dough.

This type of yeast gives your homemade pizza crust a rich flavor and texture.

Making a traditional-tasting Italian pizza takes less time with Paneangeli Instant Yeast Mix for Pizza. The instant yeast makes for a shorter rising time, so you can feast on your pizza even sooner! Because who likes to wait for pizza?

You can use this mixture in any recipe that calls for instant yeast or pizza yeast. Simply allow this yeast to soak in warm water before mixing it with your favorite pizza dough recipe.

You can also use this yeast with an all-purpose flour mixture to make other kinds of bread. Or try it in a rustic flatbread recipe finished with fresh garlic, herbs, and melted butter.


Raising agents: gluconodeltalactone, sodium hydrogen carbonate, dehydrated yeast 13%, corn starch, emulsifier: sorbitan monostearate, stabilizer: calcium salts of fatty acids, may contain traces of wheat, milk, eggs, nuts, soy




Product of Italy

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