Sanniti Basil Leaves, 5.29 oz

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This Dried Basil is an aromatic herb

Use this basil to flavor a variety of recipes from the Mediterranean region and other parts of the globe.

Enjoy crushed basil in a pesto recipe with pine nuts, garlic, and olive oil.

Sanniti Basil Leaves are key to providing aromatic, herbaceous flavor for so many wonderful dishes. These dried herbs are a convenient alternative to leaves from a fresh basil plant. Basil is commonly used in green pesto sauces and other Mediterranean recipes.

Use these dried basil leaves to enhance the flavor of sauces, slow-cooked meats, roasted veggies, pasta, and pizza. Or add this dried herb to a salad dressing or marinade with extra virgin olive oil and a bright wine vinegar.


Basil Leaves


5.29 oz (150g)


Product of Turkey


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