Papoutsanis Olive Oil (Bar Soap), 4.4 oz

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This Olive Oil Bar Soap naturally rehydrates skin

This Greek bar soap is gentle on sensitive skin.

Make this high-quality soap part of a self-care gift basket.

Papoutsanis Olive Oil (Bar Soap) is one of Greece's most luscious bar soaps. Papoutsanis’ original, natural, and rejuvenating pure olive oil soap has made them a trusted bath company for more than a century.

This bar soap is excellent for delicate skin. Papoutsanis is made with traditional Greek methods and olive oil. Papoutsanis' soap uses olive oil and rehydrates the skin using essential fatty acids, taking action against the aging of the epidermis.

Looking for a present for any special occasion? Add this soap to a spa gift basket along with a selection of other self-care products.


1 Bar - 125 grams (4.4 oz)


Product of Greece


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