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Passalacqua Italian Coffee

Passalacqua is one of the top purveyors of Neapolitan coffee and espresso in Italy. Started after World War II by Grandfather Samuel, the company remains a family business (In fact, family members still share machine shifts and coffee breaks at the roasting plant!). Using high quality coffee beans from Colombia, Brazil, Ethiopia, Java, and Vietnam, Passalacqua roasts them with traditional Neapolitan style methods.

Why choose the Neapolitan way with Passalacqua?

Passalacqua Italian coffee is brewed with the same methods that started the company in 1948. Only the finest coffee beans are selected for production and only beans picked by hand may be considered. The coffee beans are then shipped to Passalacqua roasteries only in barrels or jute bags made of breathable fiber, so as not to spoil the beans on the journey across the ocean. The coffee is slow-roasted in the Neapolitan tradition, and while the process takes longer, this method guarantees robust flavor in your espresso! 

What kinds of Italian coffee can I buy from Passalacqua?

There are many different types of coffee beans, both ground and whole, available through Passalacqua. For those who like the convenience of ground coffee, Passalacqua Alambra Ground Coffee Brick will start the morning right. Passalacqua Cremador Whole Bean is perfect for coffee connoisseurs who prefer to grind their own coffee beans, while Passalacqua Italian Espresso Helca ESE Pods are for those who enjoy espresso on the go.