Primeluci Anelletti Pasta, 16 oz

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Anelletti Pasta are ring-shaped macaroni noodles

This type of pasta can be eaten with sauces, as baked pasta dishes, or as part of a soup.

Serve this pasta with meat sauce, tomato sauce, or white wine sauce.

Primeluci Anelletti Pasta are small, ring-shaped noodles that are produced in Sicily using durum wheat semolina flour. Primeluci slow-dries their anelletti pasta in the traditional Sicilian way, creating an authentic Italian taste.

This anelletti pasta can be used in a variety of classic Italian pasta recipes. Try it in a baked pasta recipe with ground meat, mozzarella cheese, and a robust tomato-based sauce. Toss al dente noodles with fresh herbs, extra virgin olive oil, and red wine vinegar for an easy pasta salad side dish. Or enjoy these anelletti noodles in a comforting stew or soup.

Looking for a gift for someone who loves Italian or Mediterranean cuisine? Send them a gift basket with Primeluci pasta, high-quality olive oil, and an assortment of pasta sauces and aromatic ingredients.


durum wheat semolina


1 lb


Product of Italy

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