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Pipe Rigate

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Pipe Rigate

What is pipe rigate? 

Can’t decide between a tube pasta and a shell pasta? Pipe rigate is the perfect meld of both worlds! This Italian pasta is made of both a hollow shell that curls into a short tube at the end. A unique pasta shape, pipe rigate will hold hearty and creamy sauces. Though typically made with durum wheat semolina, there are also gluten-free pasta versions available from Le Veneziane.

What can I make with pipe rigate?

With a hollow center, pipe rigate will catch the flavors of rich meat sauces and cream sauces. Bake pipe rigate al forno with Italian sausage, red sauce, and mozzarella, or keep things light with a pasta salad dressed with extra virgin olive oil and herbs.  

Where can I buy pipe rigate? 

Find pipe rigate at Supermarket Italy, your one stop shop for gourmet food products! Explore a wide range of gluten-free pasta shapes and

pasta sauces imported from Italy and around the world.