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Why the radiator shape?

Yes, you guessed it. Radiatori pasta is made in the shape of a car radiator. But out of all the possible pasta shapes, why would someone make one inspired by a car part? Well, it has to do with the time period from which this pasta originates. Cars weren’t widely available until the early 1900s, and when they were, they became extremely culturally significant. So in the same way that other types of pasta are inspired by forms in nature, radiatori was inspired by a new form of engineering.

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Is radiatori pasta a common type of pasta?

As you can probably infer from its origins, radiatori is a relatively newer type of pasta, whereas many of Italy’s pasta shapes have ancient histories. This new pasta is on the rise, however, partially because of its fun appearance and because of its functionality.

What types of recipes can I make with radiatori pasta?

Radiatori pasta doesn’t just look cool, it’s also practical. Because of this pasta’s many nooks and crannies, it is the perfect pasta shape for absorbing all types of pasta sauce. Eat radiatori with a creamy pasta sauce or a thick, meaty pasta sauce to get the full effect! Radiatori also work well in soups and pasta salads.