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Rotelle / Ruota

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Wheel shaped pasta

What is rotelle pasta?

Rotelle pasta is a circular pasta that is shaped like a little wheel, spokes and all. Other than looking cute, these spokes actually come in handy when it comes to gripping sauces and ingredients. It is a fun pasta shape that both kids and grown ups love.

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Are rotelle pasta and rotini pasta the same thing?

Absolutely not. The problem, though, is that most people confuse rotelle pasta for rotini pasta. They look nothing alike, as rotini noodles are shaped like corkscrews. But because the names sound similar, rotini noodles are often mistakenly called rotelle.

What kinds of recipes can I make with rotelle?

Every kid loves the classic rotelle and tomato sauce dish with grated parmesan cheese. But really, rotelle can be made with virtually any kind of sauce, from cream sauces to meat sauces. Rotelle is also often used in soups.