Rougie Duck Foie Gras 3.17 oz

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This Duck Foie Gras is rich and flavorful

This high-quality foie gras is prepared with Armagnac brandy.

Spread on crostini, or serve alongside a savory main course.

Foie gras is a Mediterranean delicacy made from the liver of duck and is considered a luxury dish. Foie gras will most likely become an essential part of your kitchen by using it to put the finishing touches to your everyday meal preparation. Rougie's foie gras pairs beautifully with your favorite sandwich bread, brioche, or canape crackers. While its high fat content makes it an indulgent topping, Armagnac brandy and white pepper cut through the richness, giving this foie gras a more balanced flavor. Pair with your favorite glass of wine, or even a bottle of champagne.

Duck foie gras, water, armagnac (armagnac, salt, pepper), salt, sugar, white pepper, sodium erythorbate,  sodium nitrite

3.17 oz (90g)

Product of Canada

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