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Samyang: A Korean Food Innovator

Samyang Foods launched in 1961, and just two years later the company produced Korea’s first-ever ramen. Since then, Samyang has done much to improve the food quality and food industry in Korea. The Korean food company became responsible for increasing the country’s farmland and livestock, which also helped stimulate the growth of the Korean economy. Now, Samyang ramen is a staple item in the country’s diet.

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How did Samyang Ramen help save Korea?

This statement may seem overdramatic for instant ramen noodles, but Samyang Ramen actually did help Korea overcome a hunger crisis. In the mid-1900s, Korea’s food distribution system fell apart as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s dependence on food imports from the USSR crumbled. The government and the people of North Korea were not prepared for this, and so the public was essentially left to fend for themselves during a time of famine. When Samyang developed its first ramen in the early-1960s, it helped alleviate the food shortage.

What types of ramen does Samyang offer?

Samyang ramen recipes include Kimchi Ramen, Sutah Ramen, Chacharoni, and Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen. Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen has become Samyang’s most popular food product, especially in China and Southeast Asia. Of course, Samyang ramen is distributed all across the world for all to enjoy. Samyang’s ramen noodles can be used for stir-fry or soup.

Where can I buy Samyang Ramen?

Supermarket Italy sells several flavors of Samyang Ramen. From Spicy Chicken Ramen to Chicken Cheese Ramen, these instant ramen noodles make for an easy yet fulfilling meal.