Ragusano DOP Cheese Block, 22 lb.


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This Aged Ragusano Cheese offers a spicy, intense flavor

This Italian cheese is produced in the province of Ragusa in Sicily.

Sample on a cheese board alongside other types of cheese from Italy such as pecorino romano and parmigiano reggiano.

Ragusano DOP cheese is a Sicilian cheese that is exclusive to the provinces of Ragusa and Siracusa. This raw cow’s milk cheese is an ancient Italian cheese that is still produced according to traditional and complex methods of stretching and cooking. The raw milk comes from the very rare Modicana breed cows. This Ragusano cheese has a protected designation of origin status, which speaks to the quality and authenticity of this cheese.

As a young cheese, Ragusano is sweet, pleasant, and slightly tangy. As it ages, it takes on a more spicy, sharp flavor. This particular 22-lb block of cheese has been aged for two years. Enjoy it on a charcuterie board with a robust Italian red wine.

22 lb.

Sicily, Italy

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