Sanniti Pecorino Cheese with Chili Pepper, 1 Lb

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This authentic Pecorino Cheese is infused with Chilies

Grate this spicy Italian cheese over a toasted sandwich, grilled panini, or even a savory crepe.

Enjoy this sheep's milk cheese on charcuterie boards with fresh fruit and cured meats.

This Sanniti Pecorino Cheese is aged with chili peppers, giving it a bold, fiery bite. This hard cheese has a sharp and somewhat nutty flavor that pairs well with pasta and meat dishes. Try it on a cheese board with fresh fruit, crackers, and a glass of wine.

You can also use this pecorino as a substitute for similar types of cheese, including pecorino siciliano and pecorino romano cheeses. Instead of parmigiano reggiano, use this pecorino as a grating cheese for your next slice of homemade pizza!


Pasteurized sheep's milk, chili pepper (min. 0.5%)  salt, rennet.
Surface treated with preservatives:  E235, E 202. Inedible crust.

1 Lb Average

Product of Italy

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