Marie Sharp's Orange Pulp Habanero Pepper Sauce, 5 oz

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This Orange Habanero Hot Sauce is spicy and tangy

This hot pepper sauce is made with habaneros, onions, key lime juice, and other natural ingredients.

Feel free to use this hot sauce recipe to flavor chicken wings, burgers, breakfast potatoes, and much more.

Marie Sharp's Orange Pulp Habanero Pepper Sauce is truly unique, combining the tart, citrus flavor of the orange with the potency of the yellow habanero pepper. This orange habanero sauce is a medium heat hot sauce with a somewhat thick consistency, which allows you to really taste the natural ingredients.

Use this hot sauce to add tang and heat to your favorite dishes. It makes a delicious addition to hash browns and scrambled eggs as well as tacos and refried beans. For a mouthwatering appetizer, toss chicken wings in this habanero sauce.


Select yellow habanero peppers, orange pulp, onions, key lime juice, vinegar, salt, garlic


5 oz


Product of Belize


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