Meica Real German Sausages, 25.4 oz

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These German Sausages are jarred with spices

Try this frankfurter sausage on a charcuterie board, or enjoy with sweet mustard on a bun.

This popular German sausage pairs well with macaroni and potato salads.

These traditional German frankfurters from Meica are made with pork that has been seasoned with salt and spices, smoked over beech wood, and packed in a brine with a sour taste. These dogs are the old-world version of the American hot dog. This original frankfurter is made with ground pork meat and seasoned with salt and spices.

Enjoy this ready-to-eat type of German sausage right out of the jar. Pan fry slices and serve on a sandwich or panini. Or serve on a bun with pickled onions and your favorite condiments. They also taste great grilled outside, wrapped in dough to make pigs-in-blankets, or eaten with beans. Pair with a cold glass of wheat beer or hard cider.

Pork, water, salt, spices, natural flavoring, dextrose, ascorbic acid, sodium nitrate. Smoked over natural beech wood. May contain traces of milk.

25.4 oz (720g) - 8 Authentic Sausages

Product of Germany

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