Mastro Sopressata Flat Salami Halves Open Face, 3 lb.

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Savor delicately seasoned Soppressata Salami from Mastro

This traditional Italian meat is made in Canada from seasoned pork, pressed flat before curing.

Thin slices are perfect for your favorite Italian sandwiches or paninis.

Mastro Soppressata is an Italian style salami with a combination of seasonings and spices. This type of dry sausage is traditionally made from salami being pressed between wooden planks, creating a straight, flattened shape.

Mastro's dry-cured meats are perfect for Italian cooking. Salami soppressata can be used in sandwiches, antipasto, pizza, and other Italian dishes. Or savor this seasoned dry salami on a charcuterie board with sharp cheese and a glass of bold red wine.

3 lb.

Made in Canada

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