Blue Mountain Country Browning Burnt Sugar, 12 oz

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This Burnt Sugar is great for baking and sauces

The caramelization process gives this type of sugar a rich, slightly burnt flavor.

Use burnt sugar to add a note of sweetness to marinades, stews, and pot roasts.

Blue Mountain Country Browning Burnt Sugar has a rich, caramelized flavor. This type of sugar can be used in both sweet and savory recipes. It's also delicious in drinks like iced coffee and chai lattes.

Try this caramelized sugar in cakes, cookies, and other baked goods. Use it to add sweetness and depth to sauces and marinades. Or make burnt caramel sauces that you can drizzle over ice cream, cheesecake, and other dessert dishes. You can even use burnt sugar syrup in cocktails such as an Old Fashioned.


Invert Sugar, Caramel Color


12 oz


Product of Jamaica

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