Sanniti Pitted Taggiasche (Ligurian) Olives, 1lb.

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Taggiasche Olives are zesty black olives from Italy

Also called taggiasca olives, these make a tangy addition to any charcuterie board or Mediterranean dish.

Use this olive variety, without the pit, as table olives or add them to a cheese platter.

Grown in Liguria, Taggiasche Olives are fresh Italian olives with a zesty aroma. These Italian olives are marvelous when paired with different variations of cheeses, such as the nutty pecorino romano. Use Taggiasche olives as cocktail hour appetizers or served in traditional Ligurian spaghetti dishes. For an olive bar, serve alongside green olives such as castelvetrano olives for a pleasing contrast in color and flavor. Or enjoy this type of olive with charcuterie meats like salami, mortadella, and even Spanish chorizo.

Olives, water , salt

1 lb.

Product of Italy

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