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Truffle Oil

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What is truffle oil?

Truffle oil is any oil—likely, olive oil—that has been infused with the rich yet delicate flavor of truffles. Truffles are a type of fungus that are similar to mushrooms, except they grow underground. Truffles are a delicacy and a luxury sought after by gourmets around the world. If you can’t get your hands on actual truffles (they are quite expensive), use truffle oil to give your dish the flavor you’re looking for.

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What do truffles taste like?

The taste of a particular truffle depends on where it is grown and what kind of tree roots next to it. In general, though, truffles are very rich, earthy, and musky in both taste and aroma. Some truffles possess a garlicky flavor. White truffle oil and black truffle oil are the two most common types of truffle oils.

Where do truffles grow?

Truffles can be found on virtually all continents, but Europe and North America are the two on which truffle hunters mainly focus. The French truffle and the Italian truffle are the two most luxurious types of truffles.

Where can I buy truffle oil?

So what do truffles taste like? Find out for yourself! Supermarket Italy sells both white truffle oil and black truffle oil from several different brands, all of which come from various fertile regions of Italy.