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Canned Tuna Fish

What is Italian style tuna?

Whether it’s Rio-Mare or Callipo, you can expect a premium quality product from the sea with Italian tuna. The briny and fresh flavors enhance the pink and tender meaty flakes of this popular fish. An essential ingredient for making your favorite Italian pantry food, Italian canned tuna adds a salty and savory bite to pasta dishes, salads, and much more. It also gives you the added benefit of healthy protein for a satisfying meal that everybody will love. Read More

The history behind Italian style tuna

The second largest producer of canned tuna in Europe, Italian fisheries are considered a big fish in the global seafood industry. When Italian canned tuna began importing to the United States in the 1820s, this delicious product could also be stored for long periods of time and always tasted fresh from the tin. And with the popularity of the tuna fish sandwich, a classic item for lunchboxes and delis across America, it quickly became an inexpensive and classic pantry staple in the United States.

How to prepare Italian tuna

In Italy, canned tuna is a regular ingredient in a long list of dishes, including regional variations of tuna and pasta, the two iconic foods of Italian cuisine. In fact, 94 percent of Italians eat tuna every week and according to a survey commissioned by the National Fish canneries, Italy’s favorite tuna dish is spaghetti with tuna. For an easy and satisfying meal, toss together a combination of fresh tomatoes, Italian tuna, and capers, the perfect ingredients for bringing starchy and basic spaghetti to life.

Additionally, a favorite from the deli menu is the classic tuna melt, an open-faced sandwich topped with a generous amount of tuna and melted cheese. Add toppings like sliced tomatoes and sprouts for a balanced and filling lunch that will keep you feeling satisfied until dinner.

Tuna casserole is another delicious meal that is even easier to make. Simply combine all the ingredients—tuna, cheddar cheese, pasta, peas, cream of mushroom soup—in a casserole dish and bake until the top is brown and crispy, about 20 minutes. This classic dish is perfect for easy to make weekday meals, especially since it doesn’t require any cooking over a stove--in this case, the oven does most of the work!

Where to buy Italian tuna?

Often used as both an ingredient and a dish in itself, tuna is very important in any European kitchen. Keep your pantry stocked with top Italian tuna brands from Supermarket Italy such as Flott and Callipo, the preferred choice for chefs and Italian grandmothers.

At Supermarket Italy, we also feature Rio-mare, another popular Italian tuna with a fresh, briny flavor and pink, tender chunks of meat. For the very best imported Italian canned tuna, we also carry the coveted ventresca, which is the belly of the fish.

For your convenience, we also offer quality brands from other parts of the world including Cento, an American brand that makes Italian style tuna. Another fan favorite is the bonito del Norte line of tuna by Ortiz, a top brand from Spain.

Shop our selection of Italian tuna today and get ready to enjoy the flavors of the sea in your favorite meals!