Balocco Zuppole - 12.3 oz

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Balocco Zuppole is a tasty shortbread biscuit that goes well with tea and coffee, or by itself as a great snack. These Italian cookies have crunchy sugar granules on the outside for just the right amount of subtle sweetness. Balocco Zuppole cookies do not contain palm oil, additives, coloring, hydrogenated fats or GMO's.

wheat flour 65,7% - sugar - sunflower seed oil - fresh whole pasteurized milk 2,7% - sugar crystals - raising agents: ammonium hydrogen carbonate, sodium hydrogen carbonate, monopotassium tartrate - glucose syrup - salt - wheat starch - flavourings - milk proteins. May contain tree nuts, peanuts, eggs and soya.

12.3 oz


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