Casarecci Italian Aromatic Savory Salt Set

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Product Description:
Give a gift to the foodie in your life (or yourself!) with this lovely assortment of flavored salt from Italy. This set contains four different types of flavored salt: pepperoncino (chili pepper), limone (lemon), erbe aromatiche (herbs) and liquirizia (licorice). Each little jar of salt offers a different yet uniquely Italian taste. If you or someone you know loves to cook Italian food, add some creativity to the cooking process with this Aromatic Savory Salt Set.

Flavored Salt with Chili: salt, chili pepper
Flavored Salt with Lemon: salt, dried lemon, pink pepper, rosemary, curry, lemongrass, laurel
Flavored Salt with Herbs: salt, sage, basil, parsley, marjoram, thyme, rosemary, mint, wild fennel, pink pepper, elder
Flavored Salt with Licorice: salt, licorice powder

Flavored Salt with Chili: 1.05 oz (30 grams)
Flavored Salt with Lemon: 1.05 oz (30 grams)
Flavored Salt with Herbs: 1.05 oz (30 grams)
Flavored Salt with Licorice: 1.05 oz (30 grams)

Product of Italy

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