Kitchen & Love Ready to Eat Cauliflower Rice, 8 oz

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This Riced Cauliflower is a healthy alternative to rice

Pair this cauliflower rice with a protein of your choice for a hearty meal.

This cauliflower rice can be stir-fried, microwaved, or cooked in a pan.

The ready-to-eat Riced Cauliflower Pouch from Kitchen & Love makes eating cauliflower easier than ever. Each pouch is fully prepared and suitable for eating straight out of the bag. If you'd like, you may microwave it for 90 seconds to reheat it.

Enjoy it along with your preferred protein dish, add it to a salad, or use it in place of regular rice or pasta. Try this gluten-free rice alternative in a stir-fry recipe. You can fry these grain-free cauliflower florets in a large skillet over medium heat with salt, pepper, proteins, and a sauce of your choice for an aromatic side dish or main course. Alternatively, briefly cook cauliflower rice with olive oil, sea salt, and garlic for a simple side dish that pairs well with any savory main course.


Cauliflower and lactic acid (non-dairy)


8 oz (227 g)


Product of France

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