New Mexico Pinon Ground Coffee Traditional Pinon, 12 oz

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This New Mexico Pinon Coffee is a rich medium-roast

Prepare this ground coffee with a percolator, drip coffee maker, or any other brewing method.

Enjoy this coffee house-style roast with a sweet or savory breakfast.

New Mexico Pinon Ground Coffee Traditional Pinon combines luscious Arabica beans to create this rich and exquisite medium roast. Excellent for drip coffee and espresso, this medium roast has chocolate and piñon notes that enhance the flavor and aroma when drinking. Not only is this coffee amazing hot, but it's also refreshing when chilled. This luscious, rich coffee is the reason to start drinking coffee, so start your day with New Mexico Piñon Coffee.

Savor this great coffee on its own, or pair it with a croissant or panini for an energizing morning meal. Alternatively, enjoy it with sweet desserts such as tiramisu, cheesecake, and gelato. With its unique aroma and flavor profile, New Mexico Piñon coffee makes a thoughtful addition to any gift basket.

100% Arabica (Ground)

12 oz

Product of New Mexico, USA

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