Passalacqua Cremador Ground Coffee Brick, 8.8

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This Italian Ground Coffee Brick contains a rich dark roast

Sample traditional Italian coffee culture by pairing this coffee with biscotti or a breakfast pastry.

Passalacqua coffee offers the finest Italian espresso, prepared in a Neapolitan style.

Passalacqua is one of the top purveyors of Neapolitan coffee and espresso in Italy. Started after World War II by Grandfather Samuel, the company remains a family business. Using high-quality coffee beans from Colombia, Brazil, Ethiopia, Java, and Vietnam, Passalacqua roasts them with traditional Neapolitan methods.

Passalacqua Cremador is one of the dark roasted coffee blends of high-quality Arabica beans (70%) and Robusta (30%) with a creamy consistency. Perfect for cappuccino, macchiato, or latte. The flavor and aroma are perfectly balanced. Its aroma is special and unique, making for a memorable cup of coffee.

Enjoy this high-quality Italian coffee with biscotti or breakfast pastries. Savor a cup of espresso with a savory panini. Or pair this coffee with a selection of fresh fruit and shortbread cookies. You may even pour this freshly brewed Italian coffee over a scoop of vanilla ice cream to make an "affogato al caffe" dessert dish.


Ground Arabica beans (70%) and Robusta beans (30%) 


250 grams Brick


Product of Italy

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