Sanniti Celery Salt, 35 oz

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Celery Salt tastes great in savory dishes and cocktails

A blend of ground celery seeds and sea salt gives this seasoning a distinct flavor.

Use celery salt to add depth to cocktail recipes, spice rubs, and meaty soup broths.

Sanniti Celery Salt is a spice that has hints of nutmeg, citrus, and parsley—the strong flavors of the celery seed. Celery salt is often used as an ingredient for spicy cocktails, like a Bloody Mary. Make a version of the classic drink with this salt blend on the rim and a celery stalk garnish.

From bread and baked potatoes to grilled meats and savory stews, the uses for this versatile seasoning are virtually limitless. Season a spicy jambalaya recipe to perfection with this robust salt mixture. Or try using it as a dry rub for chicken breast, pork chops, or even a one-of-a-kind turkey burger.

Celery Seed, Salt

35 oz


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