Sanniti Whole Spiced Calabrese Olives Jar, 20.5 oz

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These Calabrese Olives are pleasantly spicy

Enjoy this Southern Italian olive variety on charcuterie boards with salami or 'nduja from Calabria.

A combination of parsley, rosemary, and hot pepper complements the natural, mildly fruity flavor of these green olives.

Sanniti Whole Spiced Calabrese Olives are preserved with Italian herbs and hot pepper for a wonderful burst of flavor. The spice of these Calabrese Olives adds a whole new dimension of taste to any cheese plate, charcuterie platter, or antipasto. For a table olive sampler, enjoy alongside castelvetrano olives (also called "Nocellara del Belice") and dried black olives. You can also savor this type of olive with a simple combination of artisan bread, olive oil, and wine.


Olives (58%), water, salt, parsley, rosemary, hot pepper, ascorbic acid, lactic acid

Net Weight 20.5 oz / Drained Weight 12 oz


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