Tutto Calabria Hot Honey Squeeze Bottle, 6.3 oz (180 g)

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Tutto Calabria Spicy Honey blends sweet and fiery flavor

This Italian honey is infused with spicy and tangy Calabrian chili peppers.

Drizzle over fried chicken, roasted or grilled vegetables, crepes, and more.

With their line of Italian hot peppers and spicy condiments, Tutto Calabria brings the heat of Italy home! Their Hot Honey Squeeze Bottle mixes sweet golden honey with fiery Calabrian chilis. Spread this hot and fruity honey on baguettes with soft goat cheese for a delicious, creamy kick, or pile an Italian sub high with cured meats, green peppers, and olives and serve a drizzle on top.


Italian Honey, Calabrian Chili, Salt

6.3 oz (180 grams)

Product of Italy

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