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Ziti Pasta pile

Where does ziti come from?

Like many other types of pasta, ziti noodles come from Southern Italy. The typical baked ziti recipe that everybody loves is from none other than Italy’s pizza capital, Naples. Ziti noodles are popular all over the Campania and Sicilian regions, however.

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What has ziti pasta traditionally been used for?

The origin of the word has been up for debate, but all agree that it stems from a word relating to the concept of marriage. This is because ziti pasta has traditionally been eaten by Italians at weddings and special occasions. Now, of course, people eat it every day!

Why is ziti so popular?

Ziti is one of the most popular types of pasta because it is a very simple noodle. Smooth and tubular, this pasta can be used in pretty much any pasta recipe, especially everyone’s favorite baked ziti recipe. Ziti does especially well in baked pasta dishes.