Alps Cacciatorini Bulk, 10 lb. [Refrigerate after opening]

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Alps Cacciatorini is a rustic, flavorful salami

This Italian-style meat pairs well with smoked gouda, red wine, and garlic crackers.

Enjoy this plump cured meat as part of a savory charcuterie board.

Cacciatorini is a type of salami that originated in the northern hills of Italy. Cacciatorini is smaller and more plump than the typical Italian salami, which came in handy for hunters who needed a small meal to carry with them on their expeditions. Made in New York from dried pork meat, Alps Cacciatorini brings you a delicious, rustic salami in bulk quantity, so be sure to stock up!

Italian meats made in America!

24 pieces, 6 oz. each. One case is 10 lb.

Product of the USA


[Refrigerate after opening]

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