Alps Sweet Coppa, 2.5 lb. [Refrigerate after opening]

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This Sweet Pork Coppa is dry cured and delicately seasoned

Enjoy this Italian meat on a charcuterie board with fruit, cheese, and wine.

Try this cured pork shoulder in a grilled panini with kosher salt, pepper, spinach, and olive oil.

Alps Sweet Coppa is an air-dried whole pork shoulder, sometimes called the "money muscle." Coppa comes in two styles: sweet or spicy. Alps Sweet Coppa does contain spices, but it is much milder than its hot counterpart.

Similar to prosciutto, Alps Sweet Coppa can be thinly sliced and eaten on its own, as part of an antipasto, or as an ingredient in your favorite sandwich. To add a meaty element to a savory pasta or breakfast dish, toss thin slices of this pork in a hot cast iron skillet with oil, peppers, and onions. Enjoy with your favorite glass of wine or a refreshing hard cider.

Pork, salt, dextrose, spices, sodium nitrite

2.5 lb.



[Refrigerate after opening]

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