Amatrice Gorzano Aged Sheep Cheese, 1.1 lb.

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Amatrice Gorzano is a traditional Aged Pecorino cheese

Grate this Italian cheese in pasta dishes or melt it into an authentic cacio e pepe recipe.

Sharp pecorino cheese pairs well with salami and prosciutto on a charcuterie board.

Amatrice Gorzano Aged Sheep Cheese is a pecorino cheese made with an old shepherd recipe. Its flavor is enhanced by the presence of a sweet rennet that gives a sharp aftertaste. The rind has a brown shade and is aged for at least 6 months to achieve its soft, crumbly texture.

Use this type of cheese as an alternative to pecorino romano, pecorino siciliano, and even parmigiano reggiano. Or enjoy this cheese made from sheep's milk with fresh or dried fruit on a cheese board. Pair it with a dry red wine!

1.1 lb. (500 grams).

MILK pasteurized sheep, rennet, salt, lactic ferments


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