Baci Perugina Dark Chocolate, 5.29 oz (12 pieces)

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These Italian Dark Chocolate Truffles are a luxurious treat

These Italian chocolate truffles are made with a rich blend of dark chocolate and a hazelnut filling.

Pair Baci Perugina chocolates with fresh fruit and dessert wine for an indulgent snack.

One of the most beloved specialties of Italy, Baci Perugina is the flagship brand for Perugina Italian candy and chocolate company. Baci, or “kisses,” are hazelnut truffles coated in chocolate and wrapped in a traditional silver and blue foil. These high-quality sweets are some of the most recognizable chocolates in Italy.

Inside each Baci wrapping, there is a signature love note, words of inspiration and adoration from throughout history. Share these gourmet chocolates with the special people in your life. Or enjoy a piece or two as a treat to add some brightness to your day.

Baci are dark chocolates filled with gianduja, a creamy mix of chopped hazelnut and chocolate, wrapped around a whole crunchy hazelnut. These indulgent chocolates are marvelous as a sweet snack or dessert topping. Try them on a dessert platter with wine and fresh fruit.

Looking for a present for a chocolate lover? Give a gift box of Italy's favorite chocolate brand for Valentine's Day, Christmas, and other special occasions!


12 Pieces - 5.29 oz. box


Product of Italy

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