Baci Perugina Dolce & Gabbana Dark Chocolate Pralines with Hazelnut, 12.3 oz (28 pieces)

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Baci Chocolates are beloved chocolates from Italy

Made with dark chocolate and chopped hazelnuts, these are some of the most popular Italian chocolates.

These high-quality Perugina chocolate pralines make a wonderful addition to an Italian gift basket.

Baci Chocolate Kisses are one of the most beloved Italian candies. Made by the Perugina chocolate company, Baci Perugina are dark chocolates filled with gianduja, a creamy mix of chopped hazelnut and chocolate, wrapped around a whole crunchy hazelnut. These indulgent milk chocolate pralines are marvelous as a sweet snack or dessert topping. Pair these chocolate truffles a cup of espresso or even spiced chai for an indulgent treat.


Sugar, hazelnuts, chocolate (processed with alkali), cocoa butter, milk fat, milk, sunflower and/or rapeseed lecithin, natural vanilla flavor. Contains hazelnuts, milk. May contain other tree nuts.


12.3 oz (28 pieces)


Product of Italy

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