Sanniti Baresane Olives Bag, 1 lb

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These Baresane Olives have a fresh taste and aroma

These table olives range in color from yellow to green to violet.

Enjoy this olive variety on a charcuterie board with your favorite cured meats and Italian cheeses.

Baresane Olives are fresh Italian olives from Bari, Italy. The olives are grown in the countryside in Bitetto. These Baresane olives from Sanniti have an extensive range of colors from green, yellow, and violet. These Italian olives are packed in brine to preserve and enhance their fresh aroma and flavor.

Enjoy the delicate and fresh flavor of these olives on a charcuterie platter with Italian meats and cheeses. Toss them in a fresh salad recipe with your favorite wine vinegar, fresh herbs, and extra virgin olive oil. Or even try them as cocktail garnishes.


Olives, water, salt, acidity stabilizer, lactid acid, antioxidant, ascorbic acid


1 lb.


Product of Bari, Italy


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