Barry's Tea Irish Breakfast - 80 tea bags

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This Irish Breakfast Tea contains 100% black tea leaves

Barry's Tea is one of the most recognizable and beloved tea brands in Ireland.

This Irish Breakfast Blend contains tea leaves from Rwanda, Kenya, and India.

This value pack of Barry's Tea Irish Breakfast contains 100% natural black tea with no additives, artificial colorings, or preservatives. Barry's Tea has been an Irish favorite since 1901. This Irish Breakfast Tea pays tribute to that legacy. This tea's bold taste originates from teas grown in Rwanda, Kenya, and India. A master blender tastes this tea three times each day, making sure that each and every cup meets the standards of the brand.

Try Barry's Irish Breakfast Tea plain, sweetened with sugar or honey, or even with a splash of milk. Enjoy a hot cup with sweet pastries or cookies. Use this black tea blend to make a refreshing pitcher of sweet iced tea. Or fill a thermos to sip during your commute. Makes a thoughtful gift for anyone with a love of strong teas.

100% black tea

160 Tea Bags Total


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