Cuoco Pasta con Sarde, 14.5 oz

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Prepare real Sicilian food with Pasta con Sarde Seasoning

This Italian sardine seasoning also contains wild fennel, black currant, onions, and sunflower oil.

Use it to flavor Sicilian pasta with sardines and other Mediterranean dishes.

Macaroni seasoning with sardines by Cuoco Brand is a classic Sicilian seasoning used for pasta recipes. This con sarde sauce also contains salted sardines, which makes it ideal for seafood pasta recipes.

Use this savory sauce mixture to prepare authentic Sicilian dishes like pasta con le sarde. You can even separate and grill the sardines to add a slight smoky flavor to the finished recipe. This seafood pasta seasoning can also be used to prepare appetizers. Try combining it with lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil, bread crumbs, and cream cheese for a tasty dip, then serve with crackers or crostini. Top with pine nuts, sea salt, and pepper.

wild fennel, water, sardines min. 25%, black currant, onion, sunflower oil, salted sardines puree, salt.

14.5 oz.

Product of Palermo, Italy

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