Dallmayr Prodomo Whole Bean Coffee, 17.6 oz

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This Whole Bean Coffee has a smooth, full flavor

These Arabica coffee beans are processed to remove bitterness.

Grind this high-quality coffee and prepare using your preferred brewing method.

Dallmayr Prodomo is a superior blend of the finest coffee varieties grown in highland regions. Dallmayr Prodomo Coffee is specially processed to remove irritants and bitterness while retaining its full measure of stimulating caffeine.

Thus, for those who are sensitive to the irritating effects of coffee, Dallmayr's Prodomo coffee is a great enjoyment. The Dallmayr "full flavor" roasting process brings out the unique Prodomo taste. Add a bag of this delicious coffee to a gift basket for anyone who enjoys grinding their own coffee.

This roasted coffee consists purely of Arabica beans. In general, varieties of Arabica coffee taste slightly sweeter than other types of coffee. But don't let its approachable flavor mislead you into thinking it lacks the depth of Robusta coffee beans. Arabica blends are enjoyed for their complex flavor profiles by coffee lovers around the world.

Start your day right with a cup of coffee or espresso brewed with these whole beans from Dallmayr. Or use these beans to prepare a latte, cappuccino, or other coffee drink. You can even make your own iced coffee!

Type of Coffee Beans:

100% Arabica


Medium Roast


17.6 oz


Product of Germany


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